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New Recipes Added 2019

STEVES RECIPES             new recipes added for 2019
V          Vegetarian recipe

Vf         Vegetarian recipe, with a fish version mentioned in the text

Vm       Vegetarian recipe, with a meat version mentioned in the text


1 Sauces and chutneys 12
Dan Toombs ‘The Curry Guy’ recipes –
(i) Base curry sauce V 21
(ii) Garlic and Ginger Paste V 22
(iii) Kashmiri Paste V 23
2 Snacks, starters and tapas 34
  Avocado toast V 37
  Egg, avocado and tomato toast V 39
  Some simple bread and toast toppings:
  (i) Anchovies on toast 43
  (ii) Sardines on potato scones 43
  (iii) Dips from the next section Vf 43
  Minty pea and feta dip   V 55
  Roast beetroot dip   V 56
Espinacas con garbanzos (Spinach and chickpeas) V 78
Migas 79
White bean croquettes V 83
Riñones al jerez (kidneys with sherry) 89
  Torreznos de Soria 91
3 Soups 93
Bacon and barley soup


4 Side dishes and salads 117
  Refried beans V 121
  Viennese Herring Salad (Wiener Heringsalat) 131
  Potato and apple salad (veggie version of above) V 132
5 Main courses – vegetarian 139
  Roast Cauliflower Vm 143
  Quick bean and vegetable mix Vf 146
  Tarka Dahl V 161
  Channa dahl V 165
  Black bean and tofu scramble V 176
Spaghetti alla puttanesca






Huevos rancheros V 196
6 Main courses –fish, poultry and meat 200
Marmitako (Basque tuna and potato casserole) 202
  Smoked haddock and spinach quiche 209
  Fish pie 211
  Pulpo a la Gallega (Galician Octopus) 213
  Jollof fried chicken 220
  Basic chicken curry 223
  Recipes using the basic chicken curry
(i) chicken saag 224
(ii) chicken, courgette and aubergine curry 224
(iii) chicken kashari 225



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