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This is Ted, and this is his website, where he would like to share his interests with you: Travel in Europe, with an emphasis on Spain and the UK. Walks. Trains and transport. Pubs. Recipes. Welcome to the site. This page is an introduction to the main pages of the site.

As a non-sentient being Ted’s ability to write is limited, as is his ability to organise travel and pay for himself. His capacity for the drink and food is another matter. Much of the time is spent perching on the shoulder of sdrSteve Gillon, instructing him what to write, while Steve does the hard work of putting the site together.

Below are a few words about each of the main pages on the site together with links to take you there.

Click on the links at the top of the page or the blue headings below to take you to the appropriate page. The photographs are also links – just click on them.

Travel pages

cofTed and Steve spend a fair bit of their time travelling and the three travel pages are the heart of this site. Steve travelled around Europe professionally as a tour manager (Ted was a stowaway on most trips) and for many years Ted and Steve have travelled for the experience and fun. The pages contain not only descriptions of their jaunts but are also full of information that others may find useful.


Follow Ted and Steve’s journeys through countries including Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Scandinavia, Slovakia, Ireland and Switzerland.

Ted, at  over 3000m (10000ft) above sea level at Gornergrat, Switzerland, with some mountain or other in the background.

Go to Spain with Ted

cofTed lives with Steve partly in Spain and partly in the UK. Much of our travelling has been in these two countries and they been given their own pages.

Our Spanish base is the Costa del Sol. Over the years we have explored much of Spain when not lying by the pool there.

There is a focus on the south of Spain – the region of Andalucia, with city guides and details of how to get 4gotospainwithted2around – the idea being to encourage you to spend a few days away from the coast.

We’ve journeyed round much of the rest of Spain and there are details of our trips around regions including Galicia, Aragon, Valencia, Castilla and Extremadura plusour guide to some of the best and worst hotels in Spain.

Ted and Steve in Ciudad Rodrigo, between Salamanca and the Portuguese border.

Go around the UK with Ted


possible1Our UK base is Durham and there have been plenty of jaunts around Scotland, England, Wales and the Isle of Man from there over the last few years. The accounts of these trips are on this page, together with useful information for those wanting to follow in our foot and paw steps.

Our Durham location is ideal for access to excellent walking country and our treks round the Northeast are also here.

Ted is trying to escape from the rucky rather than be carried over the Pontcysllte aqueduct in North Wales.

Trains, pubs, beer and cooking with Ted

Take the train with Ted

6goontrainswithtedTed is unable to drive a vehicle as he can’t see out of the windscreen. Steve has no coordination, hates driving, and hasn’t driven since he passed his test in 1997 after umpteen attempts.

This means that all the travelling in this site has been by public transport, mainly by train, and Steve and Ted have a nerdish interest in railways (particularly out of the way or unusual lines) and timetables. Hopefully, this hasn’t permeated the main travel pages too much, leaving this page for railway and transport miscellany that appeals to Steve and Ted. In the photo Ted test-drives the Bernina Express in Switzerland.

 Go drinking with Ted

cofIn between journeys Ted and Steve spend far too much of their time in pubs drinking beer. During their travels they do the same. While pubs, bars and beer feature in the travel pages this is the page to find Steve and Ted’s favourite pubs in the UK, with an emphasis on cask beer.

Go cooking with Ted

8GoCookingWithTed.jpgSome of you may notice that this is not Ted, but his cousin Cooking Ted. Until he has taught him how to cook Ted is not much use in the kitchen. So it is left up to Steve to take charge of the cooking. Steve is not an expert, but enjoys cooking simple and tasty food.  This page links to Steve’s collection of recipes, some of his own others gathered or pinched  from various sources. Each year it is updated with new recipes.

The people (and the bear!) behind this site

Steve Colin and Ted      

Gallery11Ted, Steve and Colin, Benalmádena Pueblo, Spain, 2000. Photo by Mike & Rita Dobson.

This site started life as a personal site for the friends of Ted, Steve and his late partner Colin, and this page provides some background as to who we are, plus a gallery of photos of us over the years.


Contact us: Ted and Steve can be contacted at gowithted@btinternet.com . Steve will do his best to respond to any requests for information, – the bear can be quite uncommunicative.

The site is prepared on a laptop though it should be automatically formatted for mobile phones. Any glitches in the phone formatting are down to the vagaries of WordPress.

Some of the detailed information is attached to the individual pages as PDF files which are downloaded when you click on the links. Most links are to sub-pages on the site and the remaining PDF files are gradually being replaced by sub-pages as they are updated.

If you wish to use the information on this site publicly (as opposed to personal use), note that the site is ©copyright Steve Gillon as are the attached PDFs and those photographs taken by Steve.  An acknowledgement would be appreciated in return for their use.

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