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Ted and Steve have travelled widely in Europe, and this page contains the accounts of our journeys. This page covers continental Europe, with the exception of Spain which has its own page. The UK also has a separate page. For long haul destinations you will have to look elsewhere…but maybe in the future. The focus is on recent journeys, before the information becomes out of date, with some notes of earlier travels where relevant. Additional information on travelling and walking in Switzerland is provided as a result of Steve’s many visits to the country as a tour manager with Great Rail Journeys.

Ted and Steve’s journeys in Europe


A few times each year Ted takes Steve to visit new places in Europe. The trips tend to revolve around scenery and beer and always involve using public transport, usually trains. The accounts are not standard tourist guides, though they provide some background to the places visited. The focus is on the practicalities of getting around for those who wish to avoid driving, where to go for a few beers, and what to look out for on the journey. In addition to the description of the trip the write-ups include useful practical information for anyone wishing to follow in our footsteps and where relevant, a bit of train buffery, though nothing too technical . To download the blogs of each trip click on the links here, in the sidebar or at the foot of the page. The trips currently included are:



  • AUSTRIA. A trip in 2017, reaching Austria by train via Prague, visiting the cities of Linz and Graz and the Salzkammergut lakes, and taking in some of the more interesting railway lines in Austria –   AUSTRIA Linz and Graz (pdf, 2.6Mb)
  • CENTRAL EUROPE. A 2019 train journey from Budapest to Berlin via Bratislava, the High Tatras, Banská Bystrica and Prague – A journey in Central Europe
  • GERMANY. A brief visit in December 2014 (updated with more photos in 2020) to sample the beer that made Dusseldorf  famous, with a side trip to visit the Wuppertal monorail – Dusseldorf and Wuppertal
  • GERMANY. A ten day trip in 2016 to eastern Germany taking in various steam and unusual railways, plenty of beer and currywurst, based in Quedlinburg, Bamberg and Dresden. A photographic introduction to the jaunt is here:  The Harz Mountains and Saxony – an introduction  and the full account is here:  The Harz Mountains and Saxony (pdf, 3.3Mb). 
  • GERMANY, FRANCE and LUXEMBOURG. A trip in April 2018 to Freiburg, Strasbourg and Luxembourg   with visits to the Black Forest, Mulhouse and Karlsruhe. Plenty of railway buffery, beer and useless facts among the useful information.
  • GREECE. In 2018 we visited Corfu for a week for friends wedding in the village of Arillas Corfu – notes on Arillas
  • ITALY and AUSTRIA. A journey in June 2018, from Bergamo in Northern Italy, via Innsbruck and the surrounding mountains, plus a visit to Salzburg – Bergamo, Innsbruck and Salzburg
  • MALTA and GOZO. A weeks visit to explore Malta and Gozo in February 2019 – Malta and Gozo
  • ITALIAN JOURNEYS. Added in 2021 a look back at our journeys through Italy over the years, as an introduction to the country – Italian journeys
  • SCANDINAVIA. A one-week round trip from Copenhagen in 2015 taking in Denmark, southern Sweden and Norway  visiting Goteborg, Oslo, Bergen and Odense, travelling on the Bergen railway, and having some excellent beers when I could afford them – The Scandinavia Trip   .
  • SWITZERLAND. A 2019 holiday in and around the Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne) taking in unusual transport including paddle steamers, funiculars, cable cars and a lift –Around Lake Lucerne

More about Switzerland


From 2007 to 2017 Steve was a freelance tour manager with Great Rail Journeys leading rail-based tours to Europe. Ted often stowed away. The most frequent destination was Switzerland and the information from these visits has been put together as a guide to Switzerland by Rail  .

Walks in Switzerland


During our own visits to Switzerland we managed to fit in a walk or two, sometimes in  free time and sometimes with members of the tour group. They are all in spectacular scenery, fairly short walks and mostly gentle – on tour we didn’t have room to take the full gear with us. The walks are described here: WALKS Switzerland (pdf, 1.9Mb).

The photographs:

The photographs from top to bottom are:

The Hungarian Parliament Building, Budapest, from the Danube at night,

Ted gets prepared for a German trip,

Hallstättersee, Austria, from above,

The Eggishorn and the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland,

A walk in the Bernese Oberland, from Schynige Platte, Switzerland.


Ted and Steve’s journeys in Europe

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