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Pubs and beer

As inveterate pubgoers and beer drinkers Ted and I have been to plenty of pubs in our time and the aim of this page is to share some of our favourites ( actually Steve’s favourites – the bear is not very discriminating about what and where he drinks). To find out more follow the links here.

The pub guides


  • For details of our Top 20 and other favourite pubs from the Scottish border to the Tees click here – Northumbria Pub Guide 2023
  • The 2023 guide to our favourite pubs in Edinburgh and Glasgow is located here: – Pub Guide – Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  • For the remainder of the UK click here – Good UK Pubs 2023  – for a list of the best pubs we have visited recently, and which we think are worth a visit.

drink2These guides are updated annually, most recently in January/February 2023. Enjoy.

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)

Steve is a member of CAMRA, though an inactive one, due to being away so often (in normal times). We recommend joining, though we aren’t sure what the membership arrangements for small bears are. It is through the efforts of more active members that many of our favourite pubs and drink27beers are thriving. We never travel anywhere in the UK without consulting the  CAMRA Good Beer Guide, available as a book or iphone/Android smartphone app, to point our way to the best boozers. We also use their www.whatpub.com website, which include most local pubs wherever you are.

A couple of books.

Two books which we have used Eire51to help us plan our jaunts around the UK are The Pub, by Pete Brown (jacqui small, 2016) and  Great British Pubs by Adrian Tierney-Jones, (Camra, 2011) which feature the authors’ favourite pubs. Both remain available and useful – as the best pubs don’t change very much. Pete Brown’s other books on beer and pubs are also worth a read.

Beer, pubs and travel

Since a beer or two is a key component of any travel (well..it is for us) there is plenty more about pubs and beer in the journeys, tours and walks on the Europe, Spain and UK travel pages:-

Go across Europe with Ted

Go to Spain with Ted

Go around the UK with Ted

Bear on the lash

As you will have guessed the bear likes a few. Here are a few pictures of Ted on the hoy during last couple of years.

And there is plenty more evidence from previous years of the bear’s dissolute lifestyle.

Beer is good for you….

Finally, just a couple of reminders that beer is good for you (honest)……….


TartanSpecialBEER ADVERT

Hi there, fellas.

You know, a few years ago, I used to have this daft idea that maybe some women might find my penis a bit on the small side.

That I’d go to bed with some chick, and she’d just tell me it was too wee. It really used to screw me up – you can imagine.

I think it was this stuff that saved me. Younger’s Tartan Special. It’s got a full body. It satisfies. and it really attacks your thirst. These days, if ever I spot a chick I’d really like to hit the sack with, I just order up half-a-dozen pints of Younger’s Tartan Special.

And I go and get pished.

Tom Leonard, Satires & Profanities, STUC, 1984. Tartan Special photo by ralph & dot via flickr.com

Copyright (except for the Beer Advert and Tartan Special photo) : © Steve Gillon, 2022

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