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Away from the rush hour – railway stations

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To whet the appetite: This photo was taken at Bertsdorf in October 2016, on the Zittauer Schmalspurbahn in Saxony, Germany, near the borders with Poland and the Czech Republic. It is the only place we are aware of where you can regularly see two steam trains departing at the same time.

trains2If you have looked at the travel pages you will know that most of our journeys involve travelling by train. We prefer local trains to high speed trains, to see more of the country at a reasonable pace. And travelling by public transport means we can have a beer or two along the way. This page focuses on travel by train and other public transport, with an emphasis on some of the more unusual journeys.

Above is a FEVE railcar which makes the seven-hour journey along the north coast of Spain from Ferrol to Oviedo.


  • Away from the mainline – railway journeys: This is a collection of journeys, by local train, city transport, tourist or heritage railway. Away from the main line – railway journeys
  • Away from the rush hour – railway stations: A  selection of the more unusual and out of the way stations which we have visited on our travels. Away from the rush hour – railway stations
  • Transport in Glasgow: Steve grew up in Glasgow and it had its transport oddities (still has – ride the Subway) and we’ve included some of them here, together with photos of transport in the city from the 1950s to the 1970s.  Transport in Glasgow 1950s-1970s  .
  • Railway books, maps and timetables: This is a small collection of information for those interested in finding out more about railway history, rail travel in Europe and the more arcane subjects of railway maps and timetables. Click on this link: Railway books and maps  .
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