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Go cooking with Ted


Ted isn’t really able to cook. His cousin Cooking Ted might look the part, but as a teddy bear there is a limit to what he can do. He is teaching Ted some of the basics and Ted is now an expert with the potato masher. In the meantime it is left up to Steve to do the hard work of actually cooking and this a collection of the recipes he uses.

cofWhile Steve does not pretend to be a great cook he has enjoyed cooking and eating these dishes. The collection began a few years ago when Steve began to transfer recipes from scraps of paper and pages torn out of magazines and newspapers to his laptop. They are now all collected here, in a fairly logical order. Most are quick and easy to cook  (Steve has cooked them all) and a significant proportion of them are vegan or vegetarian. Though some are Steve’s own recipes many are from established cooks and they are acknowledged where Steve is aware where they come from.

The collection is updated annually with new dishes cooked during the year, and the  updated collection is posted on the site early each year.  The 2021 edition of the recipe collection is now available, which includes 36 new recipes. Click on the links here:

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