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new recipes added 2020

STEVES RECIPES             New recipes added 2020
  V            Vegetarian recipe

Ṽ             Vegan recipe

Ṽv            Vegan recipe, with a vegetarian version mentioned in the text

1 Sauces and chutneys Page
Gremolata 17
Romescu (hot red sauce) V 21
2 Snacks, starters and tapas
Avocado, prawn and sweetcorn toast 48
Pani Puri 64
Pimientos del piquillo aliñados (marinated peppers) 83
Chipirones (baby squid) a la plancha 90
3 Soups
  Leek and potato soup with cumin 106
  Pea and parsley soup V 112
4 Side dishes and salads
  Cannellini bean mash Ṽv 128
  Khatta kheera (cucumber salad) 137
  Courgette salad 138
  Tuna salad 143
5 Main courses – vegetarian
  Cauliflower with saffron, pine nuts and raisins 157
  Broccoli, fennel and chickpea stew 159
  Roast vegetables and puy lentils 162
  Broccoli and blue cheese tart V 172
  Kimchi fried rice 176
  Leek, spinach and gorgonzola risotto V 177
  Nut roast V 195
  Broccoli sauce for pasta or spaghetti V 204
6 Main courses –fish, poultry and meat
  Roast sardines, tomatoes and beans 236
  Lamb navarin (lamb and red wine) 258
Pork stew with figs and soy sauce 267
Pork with mint and cumin 269
Quick fabada asturiana 274


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