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new recipes added 2021

STEVE’S RECIPES             New recipes added for 2021

 Fṽ          Fish recipe, with a vegan version mentioned in the text

Mv        Meat recipe, with a vegetarian version mentioned in the text

V           Vegetarian recipe

Ṽ           Vegan recipe

1 Sauces and chutneys Page
  Mojo sauce – red mojo – thicker sauce 17
  Salsa verde 21
  Garlic tomatoes 34
2 Snacks, starters and tapas
  Avocado and chorizo toast 46
  Cannellini beans on toast Fṽ 49
  Bread/toast toppings with feta cheese:
 (i) Feta with cumin and lemon V 53
 (ii) Feta with cucumber and pomegranate seeds V 54
  Anchovy dip (anchoïade) 69
  Parmesan balls V 72
  Sweetcorn cakes V 85
  Hot and spicy chicken wings 91
  Huevos rellenos 2 – stuffed eggs with anchovies 106
3 Soups
  Cauliflower and blue cheese soup V 119
  Split pea soup 131
  Chorizo and chickpea soup 135
4 Side dishes and salads
  Chickpea mash 144
  Sweet potato mash V 144
  Warm halloumi, chickpea and lime salad V 163
  Tomato, bread, anchovy and caper salad 168
5 Main courses – vegetarian
  Stuffed peppers V 174
  Indian vegetable curry 183
  Sweet potato and spinach curry 187
  Spring vegetable risotto V 199
  Spaghetti with mushrooms and harissa V 224
  Mushroom and anchovy sauce for pasta or spaghetti V 228
  Simple goats cheese and spinach pizza V 234
  Huevos rotos (Spanish fried eggs and potatoes) V 243
6 Main courses –fish, poultry and meat
  Spiced haddock and tomato 249
  Spiced salmon 250
  Chicken and chorizo stew 272
  Corned beef pasta bake 307
  Macaroni cheese and corned beef Mv 308
7 Baking
  Easy flatbread V 313
  Parmesan cornbread V 314
  Oven-baked cheese oatcakes V 320
  Bara brith (fruit loaf) V 322
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