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New recipes added for 2018

STEVES RECIPES Recipes added for 2018

V          Vegetarian recipe

Vm       Vegetarian recipe, with a meat version mentioned in the text

Mv       Meat recipe, with a vegetarian version mentioned in the text

1 Sauces and chutneys Page 
Pibil sauce V 20
Black cherry and onion chutney V 26
Mango pickle V 29
2 Snacks, starters and tapas
Black pudding and egg ciabatta rolls 36
Broad beans in garlic ghee V 55
Wee beasties of the glen (haggis balls) Mv 63
Chick peas and tuna in tomato 69
Hake roe (huevas) – cold tapas 70
Fried hake roe (huevas) 70
Tortillitas de camarones (prawn fritters) 71
Huevos rellenos (stuffed eggs) 74
Chicken livers and hearts (higados y corazones de pollo) 76
3 Soups
Sopa de guisantes (Spanish pea and ham soup) Mv 90
Winter broth Vm 93
Tomato and butter bean soup V 97
4 Side dishes and salads
Mushroom and baby sweetcorn salad V 112
Sweetcorn, kidney bean and avocado salad V 113
Herring and apple salad 115
Bulgar wheat, harissa and olive salad V 119
5 Main courses – vegetarian
Chickpea and vegetable stir-fry V 127
Barley risotto with marinated feta V 139
Lentil and rice cakes V 142
Dahl with eggs (i) boiled eggs V 143
Dahl with eggs (ii) baked eggs V 143
Cheat’s channa dahl V 145
Lentils served two ways V 147
Butter bean and mushroom casserole V 152
Huevos revueltos con espinaca V 172
6 Main courses –fish, poultry and meat
Chicken pibil tacos 200
Moroccan style meatballs – variations & cheat’s versions 210
Spanish pork and bean stew 211
Chorizo and baked eggs (huevos a la flamenco) Mv 217
7 Baking
Oatcakes V 227
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