For the two or three people who regularly looked at the old stevecolinted site here’s what is new and what has been updated.

Obviously the main pages have all been revised and updated and I hope they look better than the old site.

Go across Europe with Ted. The Tours in Europe and Walks in Switzerland have been updated.

Go to Spain with Ted. Following visits in 2017 the Cuenca trip has been updated to include Alicante and a new journey – Zaragoza and Tarragona has been added. The Sevilla guide has been rewritten following a visit this month. The Where to Stay in Spain list has been updated.

Go around the UK with Ted. The journey to the Western Isles has been rewritten following a visit in 2017 and the Tours and Walks pages have been updated.

Go on trains with Ted. There are some additions to the main page and a new write up of our train journeys in the Uk in 2017.

Go drinking with Ted. All of the pub guides have been updated and more photos of the dipsomaniac bear have been added to the page.

Go cooking with Ted. About 30 new recipes have been added.

Comments can be left on the site, by email to Ted also has his own Facebook page at fb.stevegillon/gowithted  where these posts should (I hope) appear.